ruck march 2020

Adopt a soldier 

May 30, 2020 

5th annual Ruck march against military/veteran suicide


Adopt A Soldier Ruck March 2020 comes to you this year with a new TWIST! 

We heard you!

During the last four Ruck Marches, folks have made many great suggestions. Our board gathered all the ideas and we feel we are now preparing for the biggest and best Ruck yet!

The past Ruck Marches have traveled from South to North and North to South. We spent a lot of time planning and gathering approvals from municipalities to secure each route. Safety has always been a concern, along with weather. We heard from many who wanted to pay respect to our Causualietes of PTSD and their families, but 22 miles was not an option. So here's what our board came up with for Ruck March 2020 so anyone can be apart of our Mission 22 to None!

On Saturday May 30th, 2020, Adopt A Soldier's Ruck March and Rally will be Entirely Hosted In One Spot (Will County Fairgrounds)!

The logistics are being finalized, but we are excited for these new changes. Our board spent many hours considering the pros and cons of these changes. In the end we believe the safety of our participants must comes first.

Our "One Stop Ruck" if you will, enables anyone to support our Mission 22 to None, by walking 1-10 miles or the whole 22 miles. Throughout the Ruck, families will be able to cheer on the participants while taking the time to enjoy the Ruck Rally. Our Rally will have many activities like bands, food, craft fair and much more.

So why Ruck?

The March has accomplished several important things these past years and enabled  AAS to learn so much on what we believe is the first invasion of our attack on the enemy, PTSD.

1. Connect 

While walking together, the opportunity to connect and start to build a bond is created. Many of our Veterans of different generations, that have participated in the Ruck, are now linked together as a support system. The same is true of family members of Veterans and current enlisted military members.


2. Share 

Communicating, and sharing becomes EDUCATION! As our participants spend hours walking, to honor those that have passed, their stories are shared with each other creating bonds. 


3.  Support

The connection/bond that is created among this group leads to a support system within a community. 

A group that combines those that are embracing, owning, have conquered, and those whose loved one have lost the battle with PTSD. 

4. Educate

While "The truth will set you free" We need to embrace the truth about PTSD, and release the lies that the enemy continues to feed our veterans, their families and our current soldiers.

Whom better to educate on those lies, revealing the truth, then those that have been, or are currently on the battlefield!  


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What is Adopt a Soldiers annual Ruck March?  

Approximately 8000 veterans /military members succumb to PTSD each year! 

These numbers are staggering and unacceptable! 

Since the formation Adopt a Soldier in 2012, military families and Veterans have increasingly  contacted our organization regarding PTSD and Veteran Suicide. In 2016 we hosted  our first Ruck March.  Our March was  a combination of veterans, current military and one pre- basic training soldier, a total of 12 to be exact! They walked 22 miles, one mile for each Veteran/military member who took their own life due to PTSD.  It was that event that began our Battle against PTSD & Veteran suicide. 

We have learned so much from our veterans, young & old, along with our  military families living with this everyday!  As stated above, awareness is not enough!

How to get Involved


As a Rucker you can choose to walk 22 miles or any amount you would like.  AAS will provide each participant with a 2020 Ruck March tee-shirt, water and snacks while they are walking  the ruck. Includes meal at end of March. We ask for a minimum donation of $25, along with each participant to collect pledge donation amounts for the mission.


Come Join us as at the Rally

Adopt a Soldier is celebrating our the fifth annual “Ruck March and Rally” at Will County Fairgrounds in Peotone, Illinois. In honor of the occasion, Adopt a Soldier will host an afternoon of festivities including food, bands, raffle baskets, a local vendor fair and much more! There will be lots of opportunities for learning and talking to others, regarding our missions. The doors are open to everyone. Admission to this event is a $5  donation and anyone 5 and under are free. For more in information regarding the event may contact us directly at (708) 825-6751.


By giving to this annual event you'll be supporting Adopt a Soldier in the battle against Veteran/military suicide. 22 TO NONE. Your donation will be recognized at our event, on our website, and Facebook. Click Here to Sponsor.



Call (708)825-6751 OR email:, to inquire about volunteering for the day. We need Volunteers for some of the following: direct traffic, check-in table, kitchen, sell raffles, entrance admissions, among other activities AAS will be offering.

Spread the Word

Share Share Share! Go on Facebook and invite your friends and family to the event.


Interested in being a vendor email, call (708)825-6751, or Sign up today to reserve your spot.

List of Vendors:

Come out and support us!



Teal Star Family

It is believed, in 1918 President Woodrow Wilson, coined the word “Gold Star Mother”, honoring the mothers whose son was KIA thus replacing the black arm band worn by the families during WWI. The military families with sons serving during WWI & WWII displayed a Blue Star, one star representing each son that was serving.  Congress authorized the military to present these families with a gold star lapel pin, thus making it official. America losses 8,000 veterans/military members

to suicide each year! These are casualties of PTSD, and/or service-related deaths! In no way does AAS condone suicide, but strongly feel these families DESERVE to be embraced and support! Giving these families the opportunity to speak out freely, sharing their story, will and can save the lives of our heroes! 

In 2019, AAS Embraced our first TEAL STAR FAMILY. These families have suffered a loss due to their loved ones choice to serve our great Nation. Please join us as we embark on making this a national recognition.


We invite any military family member whose suffered a loss due to suicide to PLEASE reach out! Adopt a Soldier believes all those who served , regardless of the circumstances of their death,  deserve the honor  due to them from every American. AAS wants these families to hold their head high, speak openly and proudly of their Soldier. Suicide should NOT take that away, only we, as Americans can change the stigma of the word! Please join us on this mission!


To sponsor one of our Ruckers click Donate button and simple place Ruckers name in instructions box on PayPal 




let's simplify it even more

Knowledge: facts, information acquired through experience or education

Perception: the ability to become aware of something through the senses

Education is out there if you're willing to listen and learn!

We believe the issue lies within the perception.

22 a day!