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Adopt a Soldier is a 501(c)3 not for profit

organization with offices located in Grant Park, Illinois. Our home Chapter is hosted by The Peotone American Legion Post 392. AAS feels strongly that working with our Legions ,VFWs, and AM Vet organizations that we can best fulfill or missions. Many of these organizations are struggling to keep their doors open. We, at Adopt a Soldier, have found that opening a chapter associated with one of these organizations, helps to connect older veterans with our current soldiers and young veterans re-entering civilian life. 

Our Mission

Adopt a Soldier is dedicated to supporting our Troops and Veterans  Beyond the Yellow Ribbon. 


The mighty Redwood tree is sustained and given it's strength from it's roots. Quietly beneath the ground, was the beginning of this mighty tree. Without it's strong roots the mighty tree will tumble with the slightest breeze.   

The military family is the root of the military tree. Often behind the scenes, alone and serving unnoticed on the home front. AAS starts with the family, the root, to offer them the support and education necessary to continue to nourish their loved one. Mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents etc., are the unsung heroes serving at home. It is a community with little to no tangible support outside their family network. This is where we, at Adopt a Soldier often begins, at the root of our soldiers and veterans strength...their family.

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