ruck march 2019

in memory

usmc sgt. ryan boyer

Adopt a soldier 

May 26th,

4th annual Ruck march against military/veteran suicide

A Promise to Our Families


Your loved one was “killed in action”

by an enemy no one can see
Camouflaged by darkness alone with memories
Anxiety and triggers 

the war still raging on
A battlefield so epic 

It’s played out in the mind
So powerful the enemy, its lies ring loud and clear 
That life is not worth living, so they must disappear 
Four letters name the enemy

Yes PTSD is real 
We mustn’t let it take away more soldiers we hold dear
Suicide brings shame to those who mourn the loss of life 

A lie the demons plant with pride

We must stand up and fight
Your, our hero, rests in peace

they’ve served our country true
Our hearts and prayers are with you

We will get you thru
So stand with pride this tragic day

and mourn the child you’ve lost
Just know we’re right beside you 

fighting for those you lost 
We the military moms and dads are marching in a line
To fight the fight that took your child,

A war that’s been defined
As parents we will not give in til every child is free

 We’ll fight until the war is won 
   An end to PTSD
Sue Wackerlin
Military mom




let's simplify it even more

Knowledge: facts, information acquired through experience or education

Perception: the ability to become aware of something through the senses

Education is out there if you're willing to listen and learn!

We believe the issue lies within the perception.

22 a day!

Do you feel the pain, really?  

Let's see if this helps











Sgt. Boyer took an oath, to serve and protect us all. He left his family for you & me
to protect the land we love
After serving his country proudly, civilian life awaits. but the enemy is close behind waiting for the take.
Who is Sgt Ryan Boyer, He is a husband, a Son, a Brother, Uncle and a friend! He is a United states Marine! He is a HERO that was "KIA" fighting his battle with                           PTSD! 
 Ryan is just one of over 8000 heroes we lay to rest every year,
a causality of PTSD
Sgt Ryan & Carla Boyer

Ruck Mach 2019 is Adopt a Soldiers' 4th annual 22 mile march against Veteran/Military suicide. The term ruck is used to represent the psychological, and emotional weight of PTSD. In the Military a Ruck sack can hold 60 to a 100 pounds, Ruckers are not required to wear a ruck. 22 miles is one mile for every hero we lose each day to suicide across this nation. Participants can walk all 22 miles, our as many as they're safely capable accomplishing. We encourage all participants to gather pledges towards our mission of 22 to zero! 


We will be hosting a fundraiser  with music, raffles, food and more at the Will County fair grounds the day of the ruck. Join us while we wait to cheer on  the Ruckers as they complete the 22 mile march in memory over  8000 heroes we lay to rests every year due to PTSD.

PO BOX 337 






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