Whether right out of high school on their way to training  or in the middle of  their military journey, Adopt a Soldier is there. From our individualized coinings, to the many boxes we send out a year, we invest in the men and women serving our country. AAS is comprised of military families, Veterans  and proud Americans that feel it is our duty to serve our troops!


Once a soldier always a soldier. As brothers and sisters in arms, we've observed that the absence of the military family is often the largest void to fill. Adopt a Soldier offers  support to our Veterans during the transition from military life to civilian life. AAS is able to connect Veterans with the right organizations and senior veterans that have already paved the way. We are advocates for Veterans in a system that is struggling to serve the heroes of the United States Of America.

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Military families are often the forgotten warriors. Though they do not wear a uniform, but their service and sacrifice to our Country is immeasurable. As a parent waves goodbye to their child, holding back tears of pride and fear, they embark on a new journey as a mother or father. They are now a member of the US military, drafted, without any training into this new world of uncharted territory.  Adopt a Soldier is comprised of our own "drill instructors" if you will, here to aid families on their journey.

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